Cyber Protection Brigade (CPB)

Cyber Protection Brigade (CPB) Logo

The U.S. Army Cyber Protection Brigade (CPB), the first of its kind in the Army, was activated at its home station at Fort Gordon, Georgia, on Sept. 5, 2014.

The CPB's mission is to defend key terrain in cyberspace to deter threats and deliver effects that ensure freedom of action for friendly forces while denying the same to adversaries.

To accomplish this mission the CPB mans, trains, equips, directs and deploys Cyber Protection Teams (CPTs) that serve worldwide to augment supported organizations' organic network defenders for operations and exercises, as well as provide unit cyber defensive readiness assessments and assistance. The CPTs act as primary maneuver units for conducting Defensive Cyber Operations against sophisticated and persistent cyberspace threats on Army and partner networks, seeking out threat activity, hardening friendly networks, and assessing risks and operational impacts to networks, systems and data within the Army portion of the Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN).Cyber Protection Team network security analyst, reviews data his team collected during a cyber security audit

In addition, the CPB Support Division provides analysis of threat data and trends, forensics, analytic support and capability requirements and development to build capabilities and mitigate vulnerabilities in cyberspace, while its Cyber Readiness Inspection Activity conducts organizational inspections and assessments to help validate and improve the security of the DODIN and improve readiness.

Last Updated: February 10, 2020