• Academic Engagement.

The Army is one of the few places where talented technical experts can put their skills to the test against global adversaries, going toe-to-toe with malicious actors every day in cyberspace.

Cyber is a multi-disciplinary career field, combining the skills of highly trained specialists, technicians, support personnel and operational experts – all with an aggressive focus and drive to combat cyber adversaries.

Academic Engagement:

  • Grows and diversifies our talent
  • Identifies solutions for operational needs today
  • Develops research partnerships for future challenges
  • Improves employment pathways between Academia and the U.S. Army

Would you like to work together?

If you would like to collaborate to help your students get real-world operational inputs, share new approaches to some of the toughest problems that we mutually encounter, help us identify exceptional talent for internships and fellowships, please complete and submit the
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