Join The Team

We are always looking for new talent and would like you to join our team!

Join a world-class workforce that operates, maintains and defends the world's most resilient network from unrivaled facilities around the globe, armed with state-of-the-art platforms, infrastructure and tools.

ARCYBER utilizes several programs to recruit current students in college, trade school and other qualifying educational institutions as well as exceptional cyber talent without college degrees.

Army Cyber Corps

Explore the virtually endless possibilities to build and employ high-demand skills by serving as an enlisted, warrant or commissioned member of the Army Cyber Corps.

The Numbers

Soldiers, Civilian Employees, and Contractors
Globally positioned Regional Cyber Centers
Cyber teams in the active force
Additional National Guard and Reserve cyber teams

The 16,500 uniformed and civilian men and women of ARCYBER deliver offensive and defensive cyberspace effects and network operations 24/7, defending critical DoD data, networks and weapons systems, and empowering Army and joint force combatant commanders and maneuver elements around the globe.

ARCYBER leverages commercial innovation; academic study; cutting-edge research; science and technology; rapid prototyping and warfighter feedback.

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