• Industry Engagement.

The U.S. Army Cyber Command appreciates constructive relationships with industry. Companies are encouraged to use the guidance below to coordinate presentations, product demonstrations and briefings to the command. The information provided will be used to evaluate each proposal in a transparent manner to ensure equal access and uniform consideration.

Engagement Instructions

  1. Complete the Industry Request Form and Foreign Interest Form to coordinate presentations, demonstrations, briefings or test evaluations to ARCYBER. If the Foreign Interest Form is not applicable, please state so on the form and provide a signature and date.
  2. Ensure sufficient details are submitted to enable the ARCYBER staff to determine whether the requested event warrants further consideration; if insufficient information is provided, the request will not be considered. If the request contains proprietary information, please mark it accordingly.
  3. Once completed, email the form(s) to the Industry Engagement Group according to the instructions on the Industry Request Form.

Managing Expectations

ARCYBER is pleased to receive capability and product briefings from industry. Please reconfirm your appointment the day prior to the scheduled meeting. We also suggest emailing a read-ahead in advance, explaining how it can fulfill current requirements, and how the product or solution compares in the industry.

For a copy of our current requirements, please download our PDF below

Please Note

The process outlined here is the only approved means for an initial dialogue between industry and U.S. Army Cyber Command. Any request sent directly to any member of the staff will be returned without action and readdressed to this page, thereby delaying action on such a request.

Last Updated: April 2024