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FACTSHEET | June 4, 2024

Cyber Assignment Incentive Pay

What is Cyber Assignment Incentive Pay (CAIP)?

Cyber Assignment Incentive Pay (CAIP) is the Army’s commitment to ensuring mission readiness by incentivizing Soldiers serving in critical cyberspace roles. CAIP targets Soldiers with specialized Job Qualification Record (JQR) certified skills to meet readiness challenges and support national security objectives.

CAIP currently ranges from $200 to $1,500 per month based on assignment, certification, and skill level, and determined on a tiered proficiency scale (basic, senior, or master) within designated work roles and units.

Who is eligible to receive CAIP?

Commissioned officers, warrant officers and enlisted Soldiers in the active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard may be eligible to receive CAIP if they are:

  • Fully certified in a designated U.S. Cyber Command or U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) work role and/or executing cyberspace operations and assigned to approved units
  • Not flagged due to adverse personnel actions or pending actions under the Uniform Code of Military Justice
  • Not permanently non-deployable
  • Are not receiving Special Duty Assignment Pay (Personnel receiving SDAP will be required to terminate that incentive if they wish to receive CAIP during Fiscal Year 24)

Must I hold a Cyber Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or branch assignment to receive CAIP?

CAIP applicants can hold MOSs or branch assignments other than cyber, but must be Job Qualification Record qualified and certified through ARCYBER’s Work Role Certification Program (WRCP) and/or continue to execute cyberspace operations in an approved unit and Cyber Mission Force work role as identified in current CAIP Implementation Guidance.

How do I request to receive CAIP?

Personnel who wish to request CAIP must complete written agreements in the Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army (submit a Personnel Actions Request and DA Form 2446 Request For Orders). This process provides auditable records of pending applications and transactions visible to applicants and their leadership.

Does CAIP move with me if I make a permanent change of station (PCS)?

It may, if the recipient is still eligible under current CAIP Implementation Guidance. However, recipients must stop their CAIP entitlement when departing the losing station and reapply upon arrival at the new duty station.

How do I get more information on CAIP?

For more information on CAIP eligibility, qualifying work roles and units, and other information, contact the ARCYBER Military Personnel division at

For more information on the WRCP, contact the ARCYBER Future Operations, Training, Readiness and Exercises Division at

For more information on applicable skill identifiers for cyber work roles, go to (Common Access Card required).

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