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FACTSHEET | Nov. 14, 2023

Army Cyber Direct Commissioning Program

What is the Cyber Direct Commissioning Program (CDCP)?

This specialty program provides an opportunity for professionals with cyber-related education and/or experience to be directly appointed into the Army’s Cyber Corps in the ranks of lieutenant through colonel. It is open to civilians with specific qualifications.

How do I qualify for the Cyber Direct Commissioning Program?

  • Be a U.S. citizen. Applicants in a dual-citizenship status at the point of commissioning are ineligible.
  • Be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret (TS) security clearance with access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).
  • For specific positions, pass a counterintelligence scope polygraph examination and be granted access to National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command facilities.
  • Pass the Army medical screening and meet basic fitness standards.
  • Possess at least a bachelor’s degree; STEM degrees are often preferred and occasionally required.
  • Possess specified years of work experience in cyber-related career fields.
  • For more details about academic and work experience requirements, see the Cyber listings at

How and when should I submit an application to be considered?

Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year to be entered into the assessment and selection process conducted three times per year. To submit an application packet, visit the Cyber listings at

How long will the direct commissioning process take?

The process can take up to 18-24 months from the time of application submission to receiving the commissioned officer oath of office. Some aspects that can take more time are: medical screenings, especially if waivers for preexisting conditions are required; security clearance screening, depending on foreign national associations or assets and other pertinent factors; Headquarters, Department of the Army-level approvals; and availability of required training courses.

Is it necessary to have a STEM degree in a related field?

While some positions may require specific degrees, a STEM degree in a related field is not necessarily required for participation in this program. The type and amount of documented relevant work experience possessed by an applicant is often weighted more heavily. Overall, however, a combination of relevant education and work experience is usually best.

How many applicants are accepted each year?

The accessions goal for this program is dependent upon the needs of the Army’s operational force each year. In general, the program’s annual goal is to direct commission about five to 10 qualified people into the active Army, and as many as needed into the Army National Guard (usually less than 10).

If I do not get selected, can I submit another application?

You may resubmit your application one year after your most recent non-selection notification.

If selected for direct commissioning, how long is the initial training?

Selected applicants should plan to attend the Army’s six-week Direct Commission Course at Fort Moore (formerly Fort Benning), Ga., and the follow-on 10-week Cyber Basic Officer Leaders Course (Direct Commission) at Fort Eisenhower (formerly Fort Gordon), Ga.

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