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U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) is the Army headquarters beneath United States Cyber Command. We operate and defend Army networks and deliver cyberspace effects against adversaries to defend the nation.

ARCYBER conducts global operations 24/7 with approximately 16,500 Soldiers, civilian employees and contractors worldwide.

Our key locations are:

  • Fort Gordon, Georgia: Army Cyber Command headquarters
  • Fort Huachuca, Arizona: Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)
  • Five Regional Cyber Centers in Arizona, Hawaii, Germany, Korea, and Kuwait  

Complex mission, guided by simple priorities:

  • Operate and aggressively defend the Department of Defense Information Network. This is our most critical and complex priority.
  • Deliver cyberspace effects – both defensive and offensive – against global adversaries.
  • Rapidly develop and deploy cyberspace capabilities to equip our force for the future fight against a resilient, adaptive adversary.

The Army’s cyber force is engaged in the real‐world cyberspace fight today, against near‐peer adversaries, ISIS, and other global cyber threats. We defend military networks, secure Army weapons platforms, and protect critical U.S. infrastructure.

Army Cyber forces are deployed globally, conducting defensive and offensive cyber operations 24/7.


  • Just like traditional combat, military operations in cyberspace require intelligence, planning, and leadership of dedicated people.
  • The Army was the first service to create cyber career fields for both Soldiers and Civilians to recruit, retain, develop, and deploy a preeminent cyberspace force. A pilot program to directly commission civilians into Cyberspace Operations Officer roles is underway.


  • The Army is building, resourcing, and missioning 62 teams of Soldiers and Civilians for the DoD’s Cyber Mission Force. 42 of these teams are already built and delivering effects in and through cyberspace.
  • The Army leads the Defense Department in cyber education and developing cyber training environments and ranges. ARCYBER leads Army‐wide advancements in resourcing and capability development to prepare our force for the future fight.


  • The Army will not win the fight alone. Partnerships with the interagency, intelligence community, academia, industry, and allies are critical to our Army’s advancement in cyberspace.
  • Cyberspace threats grow and change exponentially, and standard acquisition and equipping processes will not meet current demands. ARCYBER continues to create innovative systems where change can occur rapidly.
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Last updated June 2020