ARMY CYBER FACT SHEET: The 915th Cyberspace Warfare Support Battalion

May 15, 2019

The 915th Cyberspace Warfare Support Battalion is the first scalable organic expeditionary capability to meet the Army’s current and projected tactical Cyberspace Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) requirements. The 915th CWSB, through its Expeditionary CEMA Teams (ECTs) provides a scalable capability to deploy Master Expeditionary Cyberspace Operators to conduct operations to deny, degrade, disrupt, destroy and manipulate cyberspace effects for Army maneuver commanders.

Timeline and Milestones:
  • Fort Gordon, Ga., is the interim location while activating the 915th CWSB. Final basing decisions are in senior Army staffing processes.
  • The Secretary of the Army directed U.S. Army Cyber Command to build the unit on
    June 6, 2018.
  • The process of building the unit began Jan. 1, 2019 with the activation of a Table of Distribution and Allowances to help define its structure.
  • The 915th CWSB aims for Initial Operational Capability (IOC) by the end of Fiscal Year 2019.
  • The 915th CWSB is expected to have a Headquarters, Mission Operations Center and two ECTs totaling approximately 200 personnel, by IOC.
  • By Fiscal Year 2020 the 915th CWSB is expected to double CEMA support (from two to four training rotations per year) at the Army’s Combat Training Centers at Fort Irwin, Calif., and Fort Polk, La.
  • The 915th CWSB is expected to be at Full Operational Capability with 12 assigned ECTs by the end of Fiscal Year 2025.
  • Military skills of personnel assigned to the 915th CWSB will include Cyber (Military Occupational Series 17), Intelligence, Signal and Signals Intelligence. Additional organic support personnel will also be assigned to facilitate routine Army battalion functions.

SOURCE: U.S. Army Cyber Command


Last updated May 21, 2019

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