ARMY INFO FACT SHEET: Army Family Housing Information

April 22, 2019


Army Cyber Command personnel who have questions or concerns about their Army family housing should contact their installation's housing office and/or garrison chain of command. Click on the links below for contact and other information.


Home page:

Commander's Housing Hotline:
The Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system at the link above has been designated as the Commander's Housing Hotline. Housing work orders should be submitted through normal Villages at Belvoir channels. For emergency work orders not corrected within 24 hours, use the ICE comment system to notify garrison leadership.

Army Housing User Services  (Select "Belvoir" in installation drop-down)


Fort Gordon residents who have issues with on-post housing should first contact Balfour Beatty Communities at 706-772-7041. Residents who live off post should contact their landlords. If issues are not resolved in a satisfactory or timely manner, on- and off-post residents can call or email the Fort Gordon Housing Services Office using the information at the link below. If issues still remain unresolved, contact the Fort Gordon Leader Housing/Barracks Hotline using the information at the link below.

Home page

Housing Services Office

Fort Gordon Leader Housing/Barracks Hotline

Army Housing User Services  (Select "Gordon" in installation drop-down)



Home page

Housing office

Housing office contact info

The Mountain Vista Communities Active Building Resident Portal allows residents to find out what's happening in their neighborhood, make and track service requests, and contact staff. Residents can register at:

Army Housing User Services  (Select "Huachuca" in installation drop-down)


Home page:

Corvais call center: (844) 346-1490

Garrison 24/7 command line (for use when the work order process is not being followed in emergency situations): (240) 429-4618

Special Fort Meade "Soundoff!" housing information insert


  • QUESTION: When will the planned Army "Tenant Bill of Rights" be published?
    ANSWERSecretary of Defense Dr. Mark Esper, Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly and Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett signed the Military Housing Privatization Initiative Tenant Bill of Rights Feb. 25. The Tenant Bill of Rights will go into effect, May 1, 2020.

    Officials say the Bill of Rights commits the Department of Defense to ensuring privatized housing tenants receive quality housing and fair treatment from the Military Housing Privatization Initiative project owners that operate and maintain privatized housing. 

    To view and download the Bill of Rights, click here
  • QUESTIONCan tenants of Army housing be reimbursed or a given an adjustment to their rent for making do-it-yourself repairs to their Army housing?
    ANSWER: Resources may be available for tenants residing in Army housing who seek reimbursement for the use of personal funds to make necessary repairs to their on-post housing when the local work order process is ineffective and/or unresponsive. Tenants should first contact their servicing leasing office to request reimbursement and/or a reduction in rent. If interaction with the leasing office fails to resolve the matter, tenants eligible for legal assistance are encouraged to contact their garrison legal office. Legal assistance is available to eligible tenants experiencing landlord-tenant issues and disputes involving their principle residences. Finally, tenants should notify their respective leadership, via their chains of command or supervisory channels, of any landlord-tenant disputes associated with their on-post residences, including those involving reimbursement for repairs.

  • QUESTIONDoes the housing office change out locks and keys?
    ANSWER: Housing processes and procedures may vary from installation to installation. According to post Directorate of Public Works officials at Fort Belvoir, housing and barracks there have electronic locks, and can easily be re-keyed for a nominal charge. The standard practice is to reprogram locks when occupants/residents vacate. For barracks, Soldiers are issued room keys with unique magnetic codes upon arrival, and previous versions are voided when a new key is made. At Fort Meade, the standard practice for private partner-managed housing and barracks is to re-key between occupants. Locks are not re-keyed for government-managed barracks; instead keys (stamped “do not duplicate”) are issued and accounted for on a hand receipt. If a key is lost, a new key is issued.
  • QUESTIONHow can the command assist families with filling out housing work orders?
    ANSWERWork order processing remains best executed at the local level in accordance with local processes, and residents are encouraged to work with their unit leadership to raise issues and make recommendations to their garrisons. All emergency work orders are being tracked, and work orders involving life, health and safety concerns are receiving immediate action.
  • QUESTIONHow can people report housing issues without fear of being considered a "squeaky wheel?"
    ANSWER: Issues must be identified before they can be resolved. If the issue is reported, the best and worst thing that can happen is that it will be corrected. There is an expectation that issues will be resolved at the lowest possible levels of the chains of command, without reprisal or adverse action. Calm, thoughtful and logical written reporting goes a long way to ensuring problems will be evaluated positively and resolved in a timely manner.
  • QUESTIONHow should residents address medical concerns they feel may be housing related?
    ANSWER: The Army is working through prioritization of health-related housing issues. It is recommended that residents who have concerns about housing-related health issues see their primary care physician and ensure that they capture those concerns during the appointment process.


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Last Updated: March 10, 2020

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