Vendor Information

The U.S. Army Cyber command appreciates constructive relationships with commercial industry. Vendors are encouraged to use the information below to engage with U.S. Army Cyber Command in the coordination of industry presentations, demonstrations and briefings. The information provided will be used to evaluate each vendor proposal in a transparent manner to insure all vendors have equal access and receive uniform consideration of their submissions. These tests and evaluations will be used for systems or applications that may ultimately be used on Army networks. This portal is the primary means for initial dialogue between vendors and U.S. Army Cyber Command. Any vendor request sent to other directorates will be returned without action with guidance to this vendor portal, thereby delaying action on such a request.

Vendor Instructions:

Complete the Industry Request for Presentation, Demonstration, or Briefing, or Test Evaluation Form and the Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interests Form. Ensure you submit sufficient details to enable the Government to ascertain whether the requested event would be of interest. If insufficient information is provided, the request will not be entertained. If your request contains any proprietary information, please mark accordingly. 

  1. Industry Request [Form]

    Email form to Industry Engagement Group USARMY.ARCYBER.IEG@MAIL.MIL
  2. Guidelines and Expectations for Vendors Seeking to Market to ARCYBER
    ARCC is always very pleased to receive capability and product briefings from the commercial community. However, very often these briefings are given to us with imminent expectations of future effort. To assist the commercial community, ARCC has developed a set of guidelines to assist vendors in their dealing with ARCC. Please reconfirm your appointment the day prior to the scheduled meeting. We also suggest e-mailing a read-ahead to your sponsor 24 hours in advance. In setting up the briefing, indicate the target audience you desire. Please realize that schedules are subject to change if a higher priority matter dictates. This may result in an assistant’s “sitting-in” for the principal you were expecting to see and/or brief. Schedule changes may also result in a cancellation. Because a cancellation is possible, it is important that your email and phone numbers are with the ARCC sponsor. If you are preempted from a confirmed appointment, attempts will be made to reschedule at the next mutually convenient date. If you are a no-show for an appointment, you run the risk of not being extended the opportunity to brief. Have two forms of identification for Government gate and building guards to obtain temporary Vehicle Pass. Be mindful of your allotted time. Occasionally, a meeting may not start on time, but may need to conclude at the prearranged time. Please be flexible. If you require audiovisual equipment, please let your sponsor know this in advance. If you expect to target a certain audience in the ARCC, realize that it is not always possible to arrange to have all of that audience present. We will, however, circulate within the ARCC your presentation data as deemed necessary. It would be helpful, if your briefing be placed into context of your product(s) and/or service(s). This would include if you are currently involved in any ARCC program, or any other program or activity that is of interest to us. This will assists us in relating the interests of your product and/or service. Obviously, you are briefing us because you are marketing. WE REALIZE THAT. However, based on our history with hundreds of vendor presentations, often at the end of the brief the vendor says, "OK, where do we go from here?" This is awkward for us and for you. We never make a “buy” decision based on an initial brief. So please, don't put either of us in that situation. If we see a tie-in to our programs, we may discuss this with you and get back to you, if appropriate. Normally, our programs are already executing and change is difficult to interject midstream, you must realize and accept this. If we do not see a tie-in to our program areas, we may offer suggestions on other areas of the Government you may wish to focus your marketing efforts. You should be prepared, IF REQUESTED BY US, to discuss your Government pricing, availability on contract vehicles (e.g., GSA, etc.). You should be able to openly discuss your labor rates that are available on these contracts, if applicable. Please remember though, that these discussions are just discussions at this time, and by discussing them, no formal offer is to be construed. Please remember you have been invited to perform a specific briefing, presentation, demonstration, or test/evaluation. Your escort will not take you to any other office or organization. You may not use this as an opportunity to make unannounced visits to offices not on your approved agenda.
  3. Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interests[Form]

    Email form to Industry Engagement GroupUSARMY.ARCYBER.IEG@MAIL.MIL

For further information or assistance, contact US ARCYBER, Industry Engagement Group (IEG), by email USARMY.ARCYBER.IEG@MAIL.MIL, or by mail.